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Our main event space for:         Concerts, Plays, Fashion shows, Meetings, Seminars & Special events


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Our multi-purpose space for: Meetings, Receptions, Conferences, Parties, Seminars, etc.

Audio-Visual & Presentation Services Available with all Rentals

Sound, Lighting, HD Video-Taping, Live Streaming, Projection, Video-conferencing, Teleprompting, Commercials, Production, Television & Radio Air-time, Power & Presentation Creation, Photography, Flyers & Promotions & additional Laptops                                               (download audio-visual services here - call to discuss your event)

We bring excellence to YOUR EVENT'S experience.

The Winyah Auditorium is operated as a Civic Auditorium and Center for the Performing Arts by the non-profit, 501(c)(3), Winyah Auditorium Corporation. In fulfilling that goal the Auditorium is available for rent to Civic and Performing groups. Some of our rental groups require just the bare Auditorium facility in which to gather.

In an effort to have the renting groups pay only for what they need to use, the rental fees are set as a basic fee for the facility and then add-ons for additional equipment or services that some groups may need.

audio-visual services

Winyah Auditorium is your “one-stop” source for all of your audio-visual & promotions for high-end meetings, events and equipment rental.

Our Audio-Visual Director, Wardell Brantley, is a well established leader in the industry having worked in the multimedia and audio visual industry for 25 years working with over 1200 plus churches, agencies and fortune 500 companies nationwide.



(see video packages page for all options)
One, Two or Three Camera Angles
Professional Editing
Full Color dvd’s (Packaged to sell or give-away)


Stream your event or meeting live (for those that may not be able to attend or for the world to see)
Add Skype, Facebook, Twitter etc integration into your meeting (comments from social media – displayed on screens).
Video and/or Audio Conferencing


Televise Your Event (we handle all logistics, including: finding sponsors and advertisers)
Record your weekly Television Broadcast with us


TV, Radio & Web Commercials recorded and produced for your event.
Need a webpage or online event registration, ticket sales, rsvp or payment etc?
We also provide programs, table tents, signs, banners, bulletins, flyers, postcards or T-shirts etc.
We also promote your event or meeting online and locally through over 50 social networks (fb, youtube, twitter & more)


PRODUCTION & PROJECTION                                       (our professional techs will help your create a memorable event)

Take your event to another level with exciting video production, lighting and effects

Display your Powerpoint and Presentations (videos, photos, slideshows etc.)
Our team will create exciting videos and effects to be displayed that gives your meeting or event that extra “over-the-top” feel that your attendees will always remember.
Special effect lighting and Gobos (project your name or logo on the walls, ceilings or floors etc).


Laptops, Gobos, Flat Screens, Laser lights, Special effect lighting and Fog Machines etc.

As a savvy business person you understand better than most the importance of successful events.

Here at Winyah Auditorium we understand your deepest needs, with over 25 years of experience in the area you can count on the best technical support available and we pride ourselves on anticipating your every need, making your event or meeting flow with zero glitches or unexpected technical difficulties.

If you value your organization’s reputation you can’t ignore how key having an elite audio visual team supporting your events and meetings is.

Give us a call right now, Wardell will answer the phone and walk you through the best solution for what you are planning… 



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